Evergreen Fire/Rescue is the home of Colorado’s fourth largest volunteer fire department! This year, EFR’s firefighters and medics have responded to 1003 emergencies and trained 5793.25 hours.Their 127 member team consists of volunteers and paid staff providing around the clock emergency medical, rescue, and fire suppression services, along with fire inspection and education to nearly 40,000 residents across more than 120 square miles. 

All of this, of course, begins with training, and our volunteer firefighters receive the best. They begin their careers in Evergreen in the academy where they earn certifications such as Colorado Firefighter I, NWCG Basic Wildland Firefighter (Red Card) and Hazardous Materials Awareness. Following the academy, many of the new firefighters opt to attend the Rescue Academy where they learn how to respond safely and efficiently to rescue situations such as extrications, low-angle rope rescues and pack-outs. They also attend a first responder course to learn pre-hospital emergency medical skills, which are integral for firefighters in rural agencies such as ours. Each month all of the firefighters attend classes to improve their skills for the variety of emergencies they face. EFR also conducts driver training for firefighters so they can learn how to operate fire apparatus safely. The result is a well-trained department wich increases its efficiency, safety and effectiveness.

Having well-trained volunteers versus paid firefighters has a couple of benefits. Because our firefighters are spread throughout the district instead of isolated at stations, there is a reduced response time for at least one firefighter to arrive on scene, assess the situation, order more resources and begin treatment, rescue or suppression activities. Our firefighters also know this district — because they live, work and play here — and this benefits them when responding to emergencies. And remember, these volunteer firefighters don’t disappear after the emergency; they’re active in the community throughout the year at many events, including The Big Chili Cook-Off, along with the other mountain area fire departments. Come out on September 11, 2011 to enjoy the fun, show your support, and personally say Thank You to the volunteers who serve your community, including Evergreen, Elk Creek, Indian Hills, Inter Canyon, Platte Canyon, and North Fork fire departments.


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