For firefighters, attitude is everything. Their attitude toward the fire department and fellow firefighters determines an important part of their character. It could even save lives.

Fire departments are like paramilitary organizations. There is a clear chain of command to which everyone defers. Orders are followed because they must be, and any questions are asked after the fire is out. This is all part of respecting the team and plays an important role in keeping team members safe. “Firefighters respect rank and treat superiors with respect—these principles have been the backbone of the American fire service since its inception.”

That firefighter attitude is not just “on the job.” It flows in the everyday lives of our volunteers. We can see it in the respect they show others, the care they take of the mountains, and their involvement in the community in which they live. Firefighters may not be perfect – no one is, after all. But they certainly are a special breed, and we are so thankful for them!


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