National 9/11 Flag

The New York Says Thank You Foundation goes around the country, helping victims of natural disasters. The foundation inherited the National 9/11 Flag, which is one of the largest American flags to fly above the wreckage at Ground Zero. For many, it has come to symbolize the American spirit that grew from the embers of the disaster. On September 11th, the flag was reduced to tatters. Yet, The New York Says Thank You Foundation kept it with them, as volunteers traveled across the country helping other communities rebuild after disaster — just as so many Americans helped to rebuild New York after 9/11.

When the group was in Greensburg, Kansas seven years ago helping tornado victims, several ladies noticed the flag. They began stitching it back together, as members of the Foundation worked to rebuild their city. At that moment, the 9/11 National Flag became a piece of living history. The flag is now on a journey across America as the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 draws near.

On September 11, 2011, The Big Chili Cook-Off will also remember those lost during the September 11th attacks. Please join us.


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