A BIG Thank You!

Today is a day for saying Thank You to the many smaller sponsors and volunteers that make The Big Chili Cook-Off happen.


Thank You to these businesses for providing the following:


Evergreen Discount Liquors ~ wine

Da Kind Soups ~ judges chili cups

Evergreen Shipping Depot ~ printing & posters

Evergreen Signs ~ signage

Zuni Signs ~ printing & installation of banners

Felde Associates ~ accounting services

Evergreen Rentals ~ jump castles & scaffolding for banners

Incognito Solutions ~ website

Mountain Connections ~ advertising

Hiwain Golf ~ golf passes for the auction

Eric Lars Bakke ~ photography

Tuscany Tavern ~ sponsorship + dinner for firefighters and Board


Thank You to these groups for providing volunteers for the event:


Early Edition Leads Group

Leads Group 3

Web-Women of Evergreen Businesses

Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity

Evergreen, Conifer and Platte Canyon High Schools

Drive Smart

Center for the Arts Evergreen

Blue Spruce Kiwanis

Bank of the West

Mutual of Omaha

Chase Bank Evergreen

and Thank You to the many individuals volunteering independently.


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