Success!! (And It’s All Because of You)

Thank you!!

Thank you to everyone who made The Big Chili Cook-Off such a huge success. We want to thank:

Everyone who attended,

The hundreds of volunteers,

The chili cooks,

The sponsors,

The artists,

The vendors,

The emergency service workers, and

The Bands. The bands this year were absolutely phenomenal – it was some of the best music we’ve ever had at the Cook-Off. If you came out yesterday, you know how fabulous the day was.

During the rest of September, we’ll have details from the event (like winners!) and pictures, pictures, pictures. Once again, thank you Mountain Community and everyone involved in this day. We appreciate you!


One Response to “Success!! (And It’s All Because of You)”

  1. Corbi Says:

    Just another day in paradise, made even more splendid by celebrating and honoring 9/11 and our local volunteer fire companies. Incredible turn-out and participation. One request for the future…plz silence the band during the Fire Fighter Challenge so we can hear the announcer. After all the event is supporting Fire Fighters, we should give them due respect while they are competing. Love our Mountain community and celebrating our local volunteers.

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