Remembering the Day

Well, The Big Chili Cook-Off 2011 is behind us, and many wonderful memories were made. We had greater attendance than we’ve had in the past. The children’s area was full the entire day, with little ones getting their beautiful faces painted, and a juggler teaching juggling to the kiddos all day. 

We had exciting moments, like the landing of the helicopter, and moments that moved us emotionally, like the reading of the 9-11 tribute. We had thrilling moments, like the time we spent at Freedom Harley-Davidson looking at the bikes, and moments filled with fun when we cheered on our favorites during the Firefighter’s Challenge. 

Some of us were astounded watching the amazing wood carver create a beautiful carving of a firefighter, then donate it to the Silent Auction. And all of us were blessed by the fantastic army of volunteers that stepped up nearly at the last minute to help make the day happen. Thank you Sandy Dixon of Interior Arrangements for filling in in the final stretch as our volunteer coordinator. You were needed and you made things happen. And thank you Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity and Ares Communications for all you did to help the event flow smoothly. Thank you to all our volunteers – you’re so necessary and so appreciated!


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