We have no rules. We’re trying to accomplish something. ~T. Edison 

XandrePress, in their own words, is a one of a kind internet publishing, blogging, tweeting, social networking, make your business pop, company!!

“We do it all and we do it great. We don’t just blog for you. We create an online magazine for you that will bring readers back day after day, we think of the next best way to get your business some new zip in it’s step, we market you, we publish you, we make you famous. We make people want to know who you are. We do it fast, we do it well, we do it right. We don’t operate with limits and rules. We go for it.”

XandrePress is at the forefront of social media marketing. The world is quickly moving towards a horizon where social media networking will be necessary for any business wanting to reach upcoming generations. We are thrilled to have XandrePress sponsoring The Big Chili Cook-Off again this year. Although they operate online and therefore without geographic boundaries, the people who make XandrePress click, and many of the clients they represent, are local to the mountain area. Thank you, XandrePress, for supporting our local volunteer fire departments!


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