Thank You Michele Vanags!

volunteer firefighters in ColoradoOur State Farm Mountain Agents are once again sponsoring The Big Chili Cook-Off in a big way. They are consistent in supporting our community and our volunteer fire departments, and we really appreciate them. But who are these agents? They are people who live here, who call Evergreen and the mountain area their home. They are your neighbors, and we want to take a few moments each week to introduce  you to these great community members.

This is Michele Vanags who hails originally from Indiana, but has lived in Colorado for over fifteen years. She’s been a resident of Evergreen since 2003 and is very active in the local community. Are you wondering about her interesting last name? The uncommon name Vanags is Latvian for ‘hawk.’

Michele earned her B.A. from Indiana University and has worked in the insurance field for twenty-five years. She can certainly help you determine your insurance needs, whatever they are, but has particularly focused in her career on retirement, life insurance and Long Term Care planning.

On a personal level, Michele has been married seventeen years to her husband, Einar Vanags. Together, they have a thirteen-year-old son, Hans, and a ten-year-old daughter, Jade. Their children attend local schools and Michele is active in their respective PTA’s.  The Big Chili  wants to thank Michele for her ongoing support of our Volunteer Firefighters.  We look forward to another great year with State Farm on board.

You can check her website here to learn more about the insurance and financial services Michele is able to provide for you.


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