Thank You, Heroes

volunteer firefighters in ColoradoThis past week we’ve been reminded that we live amongst people who sacrifice every day for our good.  The Volunteer Firefighters of Elk Creek, Indian Hills, Inter Canyon, Platte Canyon and Evergreen have all joined the Volunteers from the North Fork Fire District in an effort to fight a bigger than average foe.  Wild fire has come to Colorado and our mountain area volunteers have put in many exhausting hours in the recent days and nights fighting this beast. Many homes and two lives have been lost because of extreme dryness and wind, and today we are thankful for moisture and cooler weather.

There are others in this community of volunteers who do not physically fight the fires but have chosen to sacrifice financially to support those who do. We thank business sponsors such as Aspen Park Veterinary Hospital and ESCO Construction who make supporting our Volunteer Fire Departments a priority. They are sponsoring our 2012 Chili Cook-Off which raises funds that supply equipment and training for our local volunteer fire fighters. These businesses are our heroes, too.

We are praying today for the safety and comfort of the families who have suffered loss during the Lower North Fork Wildfire, and the protection of our Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services and all the others who have come across state borders to help us.  We are indebted to them and thank them for their sacrifice.  Heroes are people who do what they can whenever they’re needed regardless of the possible outcome.


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