Protect Yourself

volunteer firefighters in ColoradoLosing a home in a fire is absolutely heartbreaking, but when one finds oneself in a position where he/she cannot rebuild, the heartbreak is compounded. With a fierce fire season predicted, it is extremely important to make sure your insurance coverage is sufficient. If you own a home or other property in the area, take the time today to call your insurance agent and review your coverage. It is worth checking into.

Acquaintances of mine were caught in the Lower North Fork Wildfire. They had fifteen minutes to evacuate and lost their home and everything they own. It is only now that they have discovered that their insurance protection is insufficient. They are faced with an extremely difficult choice: they can use the insurance money to pay off their mortgage, holding onto the land, but having nothing left to rebuild. Or they can consider trying to rebuild, but this means taking on additional debt. Or, the worst case scenario – they will lose their land and have to start somewhere else. There is no “good” choice – anything they do will magnify their tragedy.

Make sure you never find yourself in this situation. Take a few moments to connect with your insurance agent. It will be well worth it.


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