Matching Your Gift

A bad fire season is predicted this year in the Rocky Mountains. The rain and snow we’ve been having the last couple of days certainly helps, but our volunteer fire departments are preparing for a dry summer. With this in view, The Big Chili Cook-Off has set a goal of increasing sponsorships by 30% for this year’s cook-off. volunteer firefighters in Colorado

You may think only businesses can sponsor The Big Chili, but that’s not true! Everyone can be involved. Everyone can feel the satisfaction of contributing to our local fire departments. In fact, we’ve had a local business step up with a matching gift this spring. This means, if you donate $10, they will match it with $10. If you donate $40, they will match it with $40 – – all the way up to $1,500! This means that right now, whatever you are able to give will be doubled. That’s fantastic!

Check The Big Chili on facebook for more information about our matching program. You can go to The Big Chili anytime  (by clicking here) to donate online. Thank you! Every volunteer hour, every monetary gift, and every gift in kind helps our firefighters to be better equipped and better prepared.



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