Funding Our Heroes

volunteer firefighters in ColoradoWhile the Lower North Fork fire was burning, another fire sprang up in Sawmill Gulch near Genesee which threatened homes. Eight fire districts responded and this fire was thankfully put out overnight. One of the responding fire departments was Indian Hills, and unfortunately about $2,000 worth of fire hoses was destroyed during the blaze. Where does the money come from to replace equipment when it’s lost? Sometimes it comes from donors. Sometimes it comes from the firefighters own pockets.

This is the reason we have The Big Chili Cook-Off each year in Evergreen. The Big Chili raises money not only for Indian Hills, but also for the volunteer firefighters of Elk Creek, , Inter Canyon, Platte Canyon, Evergreen and  North Fork fire districts. We hope you plan on attending – you’ll have great fun, eat fantastic food and hear some rockin’ music. But please also consider donating to The Big Chili yourself. We currently have a local business that has stepped up with a matching donation. This means that if you give this month, every dollar you donate will be matched. This instantly doubles the impact of your gift. Check The Big Chili website here for more information on how to donate. Thank you to every single one of you – this event raises the money it does because of people like you!


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