We Love Our Local Sponsors!

volunteer firefighters in ColoradoMany of our business sponsors here at The Big Chili Cook-Off have a limited amount of marketing dollars. They need to decide how to best spend those dollars in the community, with the ultimate goal being success of their business.


Here in the Evergreen area we have businesses with heart, and business owners who not only work here, but live in this community and care about it pretty passionately. These businesses have made the decision that their marketing dollars are best spent funding our local volunteer fire departments. And what do they get in return? They get the satisfaction of knowing they’re doing something quite important. And they get our heartfelt thanks.

Thank you Tuscany Tavern. If you haven’t eaten there, you really need to try it. This restaurant brings us a little taste of Italy nestled  here in our beautiful mountains, right at Evergreen Parkway and Squaw Pass Road. You can get a peek at the menu here.

And thanks to EDS Waste Solutionsvolunteer firefighters in Colorado which provides much more than trash removal. EDS offers excellent service and solutions that are not only effective but protect the environment as well. They can meet all your waste removal needs, whether that includes mountain pick-up, city roll-off services or recycling, or regular residential service. For contact information, check the EDS website here.

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