It’s All For the Firefighters

volunteer firefighters in ColoradoSomething interesting has come to our attention, and we’re totally surprised by it. It seems that in spite of this blog, and in spite of our webpage which can be found here, and in spite of our facebook page which can be found here, there are people all over Evergreen and the surrounding communities who have no idea why The Big Chili Cook-Off exists.

Now, it’s true that we have a competition each year where chili cooks fight it out (so to speak) for kudos and local fame as The Best Chili Cook in Town. It’s also true that we provide a venue for local artisans and vendors to display their artwork, products and services. And, yes, it’s also true that we have rockin’ bands on our music stage that keep our feet tapping and our spirits soaring all day long. In fact, The Big Chili is a family-friendly, community-oriented festival that many look forward to each year.

But this is not why the Big Chili exists. The Big Chili exists for the sole purpose of Raising Money for Our Volunteer Fire Departments. Men and women from  Indian Hills, Elk Creek, , Inter Canyon, Platte Canyon, Evergreen and  North Fork fire districts volunteer as firefighters to keep our mountain homes safe. This means when there is a fire or other emergency, our firefighters come home from a full day at their job, don their gear, and go fight. They are not sitting at the firehouse waiting for the call. They are not paid. To top it off, our firefighters frequently pay for their gear out of their own pockets. So The Big Chili was born, and over the years has raised tens of thousands of dollars for our fire departments. We will continue to raise funds for these selfless men and women, to ensure that our departments are well-funded and adequately equipped, and that the volunteers are fully trained, so when the moment comes we will have the best fire departments in the country.

Please mark your calendar to join us on September 9, 2012. It will be a fantastic day, filled with friendly competition, good food and great music. But most important, it is a tangible way to say Thank You to our volunteer firefighters.



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