Thanks, Asphalt Artistry!

volunteer firefighters in ColoradoLiving in the mountains with the potential for huge snows, it’s important to have a well-maintained, easy-to-plow driveway. Does your driveway need repair or replacement? Are you tired of plowing over pits and holes, or do you just long for a beautiful, welcoming drive? Asphalt Artistry Inc. is located in the mountains of the Evergreen/Conifer area. The company’s owner, Shane Cook, has been paving driveways since 1993. Whatever your asphalt needs, Shane and his crew will perform beyond your expectations. It’s Not Just a Driveway… It’s a Work of Art. Asphalt Artistry can meet your needs for new installation, pavement overlay, driveway maintenance, recycling asphalt, and grading.

volunteer firefighters in Colorado

Shane runs a great company, but he also has a sense of community spirit and responsibility. He knows that when everyone comes together, fantastic things can happen. That’s why he’s once again supporting our mountain area volunteer fire departments by sponsoring The Big Chili Cook-Off in September. All of our volunteers and sponsors mean so much to us! Thank you Shane Cook and Asphalt Artistry!!

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