Vick Renfro – Volunteer Coordinator

volunteer firefighters in Colorado

Who … Me?

We love all of our volunteers here at The Big Chili Cook-Off, but a couple of positions require a huge amount of work and organization and are critical to making the Cook-Off run smoothly. One of these is the volunteer coordinator who schedules hundreds of people to work throughout the festival.

Vicki Renfro is a local artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. For 15 years she worked as an engineer, but continued to enjoy her art and was able to display her work in Tucson galleries.

volunteer firefighters in Colorado

Time Traveler

For the last 18 years, she has been an artist at Zuni Signs and now has the pleasure of painting in her studio again.
You can see Vicki’s art at various venues. She has showings at:
Colorado Mountain Gallery in Georgetown
Mountain Homes beginning June 29th (last Friday gallery walk) through July.
Open Door Studio Sept 15 and 16th.
To see more of her wok, please check her website at


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  1. […] sure to check out Susan’s designs at The Big Chili Cook-Off. Susan and our Volunteer Coordinator, Vicki Renfro, will have a booth where you can meet these fabulous women and see their beautiful artistic […]

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