Art Director – Susan Freilicher

volunteer firefighters in Colorado

Black Divas

One of the critical volunteer positions we have here at The Big Chili Cook-Off is that of Art Director. This job reqires just the right person, someone knowledgeable about both art and business …  someone like Susan Freilicher.

Susan Freilicher loves art and artists and has devoted her working life to the creative arts. She currently does marketing consulting with artists and galleries and other small businesses and sits on the Board of Advisors for the Mizel Museum in Denver.

volunteer firefighters in Colorado

Green Toasties

Her creative endeavors started in Manhattan where she helped launch the Dyansty fragrances Krystal and Carrington based on the nighttime drama that everyone loved so much! She stayed in the fragrance and cosmetic industry working for several major companies until a move to Santa Fe in 1992.

It was in Santa Fe that Susan became involved with the western art community. After directing two art galleries there, she came to Colorado and joined Southwest Art Magazine where she finished her tenure as Publisher in 2009. Susan loves the art community and her clients can see it in her genuine enthusiasm for them and their work. With Susan, the artists can focus on their art, letting Susan make her extensive marketing background work for them.

volunteer firefighters in Colorado

Charcoal Cutie – fringe top

Be sure to check out Susan’s designs at The Big Chili Cook-Off. Susan and our Volunteer Coordinator, Vicki Renfro, will have a booth where you can meet these fabulous women and see their beautiful artistic creations.


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