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Music in the Lakehouse

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The Big Chili Cook-Off Art & Music Festival is, in great part, about the music. We will have fantastic bands playing on the stage all day, lending to the festive air. But if you’re in the mood for something a little more low key, be sure to stop into the Lakehouse during the day. This is where our artists will be, with coffeehouse-type music, a wine bistro, and silent auction items to bid on.    Come in, sit and relax, and enjoy the “Art” part of our festival.

volunteer firefighters in Colorado

If you’re wondering who provides all the excellent music for our event, it’s our own Cactus Jack’s Saloon. Check out a fantastic write-up about Cactus Jack’s here in Paste Magazine – Signs of Life in Music, Film & Culture. They are number eight on Paste’s list of Twelve Restaurants with Musical Ties, the noted restaurants being from both Canada and the U.S. We couldn’t be more excited for Cactus Jack’s!! Not only are they making a splash nationally, they are also committed to giving back to the mountain community we all call home. You can check out their menu and calendar here to pick a night when you can enjoy great food and live music, right in the heart of Evergreen.


Mountain Firefighter Challenge

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Gates open at 10:30 A.M. for the 11th annual Big Chili Cook-Off, Music & Arts Festival. This great event is being held at The Evergreen Lakehouse on September 9, 2012. Check The Big Chili website here for ticketing information.

volunteer firefighters in ColoradoThis is a fantastic community happening, and you really won’t want to miss anything. Two of our favorite events are The Mountain Firefighter Challenge and The Children’s Firefighter Challenge. Embrace the fun of competition as we all stand on the sidelines cheering for our favorite firefighter as they don all their gear and demonstrate their skills. Or watch as your little future firefighter dresses up in his or her gear and competes just like the “big guys.” volunteer firefighters in Colorado

Mark you calendars if you want to see these events – they will be happening earlier in the day than they have in the past, and you don’t want to miss a thing!

Nina Storey – Headline Act

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volunteer firefighters in Colorado“… Soulful sparkplug Nina Storey might well be called LA NIÑA …can stir up a storm when she belts out her self-penned soul-funk tunes. She’s starting to build an out-of-state audience and her album, “Shades” (on Colorado label Nina Storey Music), shows she has what it takes to become a national Storey.” – The Denver Post

This fantastic musician and songwriter is being noticed by music reviewers everywhere, and if you’ve had the good fortune to hear her, you know why. If you haven’t, you can listen to clips at the Nina Storey Music website here.

The great news is that Nina Storey is the headline act for The Big Chili Cook-Off on September 9, 2012. For the price of a ticket, you get a day filled with fun, including the excitement of tasting the chilies made by our many chili cooks, visiting the beer garden, browsing the booths of our vendors and artists, and listening to several “knock your socks off” bands.

The icing on the cake, so to speak? The day ends with Nina Storey – by far one of the most powerful and expressive voices in the business today. Check The Big Chili website here for information about buying tickets – you, too, can eat great food and enjoy top-notch entertainment, all while supporting our mountain area volunteer fire departments.

Art Director – Susan Freilicher

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volunteer firefighters in Colorado

Black Divas

One of the critical volunteer positions we have here at The Big Chili Cook-Off is that of Art Director. This job reqires just the right person, someone knowledgeable about both art and business …  someone like Susan Freilicher.

Susan Freilicher loves art and artists and has devoted her working life to the creative arts. She currently does marketing consulting with artists and galleries and other small businesses and sits on the Board of Advisors for the Mizel Museum in Denver.

volunteer firefighters in Colorado

Green Toasties

Her creative endeavors started in Manhattan where she helped launch the Dyansty fragrances Krystal and Carrington based on the nighttime drama that everyone loved so much! She stayed in the fragrance and cosmetic industry working for several major companies until a move to Santa Fe in 1992.

It was in Santa Fe that Susan became involved with the western art community. After directing two art galleries there, she came to Colorado and joined Southwest Art Magazine where she finished her tenure as Publisher in 2009. Susan loves the art community and her clients can see it in her genuine enthusiasm for them and their work. With Susan, the artists can focus on their art, letting Susan make her extensive marketing background work for them.

volunteer firefighters in Colorado

Charcoal Cutie – fringe top

Be sure to check out Susan’s designs at The Big Chili Cook-Off. Susan and our Volunteer Coordinator, Vicki Renfro, will have a booth where you can meet these fabulous women and see their beautiful artistic creations.

We Love Our Sponsors

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volunteer firefighters in ColoradoThanks to our sponsor Stagecoach Sports Grill for stepping up to the plate and giving to our local fire departments. Stagecoach is a mountain style hangout with 14 LCD TV’s where you can watch your favorite teams, and experience their award-winning menu items and great service. It’s the perfect place to hang out with friends and watch “The Game.”
volunteer firefighters in ColoradoThanks, too, to Lakepoint Center of Evergreen, a unique commercial setting located at the intersection of Hwy 74 and Upper Bear Creek Road that fronts right on Evergreen Lake and the Lakehouse. These shops and restaurants will be open during The Big Chili Cook-Off, so if you’re looking for a place to take a break during the event, be sure to stop in and see what’s here.

Vick Renfro – Volunteer Coordinator

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volunteer firefighters in Colorado

Who … Me?

We love all of our volunteers here at The Big Chili Cook-Off, but a couple of positions require a huge amount of work and organization and are critical to making the Cook-Off run smoothly. One of these is the volunteer coordinator who schedules hundreds of people to work throughout the festival.

Vicki Renfro is a local artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. For 15 years she worked as an engineer, but continued to enjoy her art and was able to display her work in Tucson galleries.

volunteer firefighters in Colorado

Time Traveler

For the last 18 years, she has been an artist at Zuni Signs and now has the pleasure of painting in her studio again.
You can see Vicki’s art at various venues. She has showings at:
Colorado Mountain Gallery in Georgetown
Mountain Homes beginning June 29th (last Friday gallery walk) through July.
Open Door Studio Sept 15 and 16th.
To see more of her wok, please check her website at

Mountain Pies

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volunteer firefighters in ColoradoBeau Jo’s Founder, Pete ZaPigh (Za-Pie), an obscure French fur trapper of humble and indeed rather questionable origin, first appeared in the Idaho Springs area at about the time of the Colorado Gold Rush.  How he got here is a matter of continuing speculation, the most popular theory being that of spontaneous generation. A second line of thought maintains that he arrived by cab from Trenton, New Jersey.  Fortunately for the many devotees of Beau Joís Pizza, Pete possessed a somewhat less than working knowledge of natural history, and was attempting to trap a woolly mammoth, an animal for which there was little demand and even less supply.  After several years of fruitless effort, ZaPigh decided that perhaps a new career was in order. At this point he disappeared into an abandoned mine shaft for two years and then emerged triumphant with a new Old World recipe for an Italian delight, which was to reshape  the waistlines of food lovers the world over.  Unfortunately, six months later, ZaPigh was stepped on by what witnesses claimed to be a woolly mammoth.  Unknown to those who reached him first, ZaPigh had managed to carve his secret recipe onto the shell of a local box turtle who went by the handle of Beau Jo.  For the next 75 years, gourmets around the world mourned the loss of the recipe.  History does not mention anyone mourning the loss of ZaPigh, however.

Several years back, a fellow named Chip, while attempting to walk and chew bubble gum at the same time, tripped over the long lived Beau Jo and re-discovered ZaPigh’s recipe.

This is Beau Jo’s official history, and and we’re thrilled to have them on board as a sponsor for this year’s Big Chili Cook-Off on September 9. If you haven’t had a Mountain Pie lately, stop in downtown and see what you’ve been missing. Or if you’re down the hill, check out Beau Jo’s brand new store at 7525 W. 53rd in Arvada.