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Music at the Lake House

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On September 9, 2012, from 11:00-3:30, our Lake House Stage will host some talented musicians playing a more soothing repertoire than you’ll hear on our outdoor stages at The Big Chili Cook-Off.

At 11:00, stop in to hear Danny Masters, “A guitarist who can shred with the best of them or wrap us around his strings with a compelling and mesmerizing experience.” 

volunteer firefighters in Colorado

At 12:15, listeners will be enthralled by Melodic Delights Ensemble, featuring violins and a cellist playing festive classical music.

volunteer firefighters in Colorado

At 1:30, Two Guitars Telling a Story will entertain you. Imagine Chet Atkins and his fingerstyle tunes combined with Eric Clapton and his sweet lead riffs joining together to play for you in your living room; this is their music.

volunteer firefighters in Colorado


Be In The *Know*

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volunteer firefighters in Colorado

The 11th annual Big Chili Cook-Off Music and Arts Festival will open its gates at 10:30 A.M. on September 9, 2012. You can check The Big Chili here for ticketing information and parking information. There will be more shuttles than ever before to make attending the event more convenient for everyone. There will be two beer trucks providing refreshing beverages. And as you read the schedule here, you can see the fantastic musical talent that will be entertaining the crowds. This is something you definitely don’t want to miss!


Main Stage
Open Space
The Bucktones
Wendy Woo
Austin Young and No Difference
Nina Storey

Front Gate Stage
Ryan Flick
No Longer Boys

Lake House Stage
Danny Masters (classical guitar soloist)
Melodic Delights Ensemble (violin & cello)
Two Guitars Telling a Story (jazz guitar duet)

A Day For the Little Ones

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The Big Chili Cook-Off focuses on two things: community and family. With this in mind, one of pivotal cornerstones of the day is our children’s area.

volunteer firefighters in ColoradoBring your little ones for a day of fun and activity. Not only will they enjoy the music and the children’s firefighter challenge, but they will be able to experience the fun in an area created just for them. Your small ones can bounce (and giggle, and smile, and create a little ruckus) in our jumping castles. Then, when they’re ready for a quieter activity, they can enjoy the crafts tent where clever, crafty people will have designed something fun for them to create and take home. There will be jugglers, amazing and fascinating everyone with their mad skills. It will be a day of happy memories for everyone.

We’re so excited to see your whole family – so mark your calendars now for September 9, 2012.

Austin Young and No Difference

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At last year’s event, one of the favorites on our music stage was local phenomenon Austin Young. We are thrilled to announce that once again Austin Young and No Difference will be playing at The Big Chili Cook-Off.

Austin is high energy, producing a high quality sound along with preserving the traditional roots of blues music. He is excited to be a part of “keeping the blues alive”! If you’ve never heard Austin Young, check his website here to listen to some samples of his music.

Austin Lee Young is a Colorado native and has been described by some as being a “phenom” guitar player.  His youth and energy lend to his own style of music which he calls “Texandrix Blues”.  At his young age he exudes unbelievable passion and displays electrifying musicianship in his performances. His inspirations span the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Albert King, Eric Clapton, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Tim Young, and Ted Johnson.  Don’t miss the opportunity to hear this magnificent young guitarist and performer along with his band No Difference!

Firefighter Tribute

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We try to keep a balance here at The Big Chili as we spend the year planning this fantastic event. We balance all the fun we plan to have at this exciting community event with the reason for its existence – supporting our local volunteer firefighters. A couple of events we have at the festival are specifically designed to bring our minds back to our core purpose. We will have a firefighter tribute that will honor those who serve us. A bagpiper will play, and the Evergreen Firefighter Color Guard will present the colors.

volunteer firefighters in Colorado

We also have this venue – the Big Chili Blog – to make sure people are made aware of the need to support our volunteer fire departments. We thank our volunteer teams, who make such a huge difference in the community. We thank our local firefighters for their efforts during an already difficult fire season and our national firefighters for coming to Colorado’s assistance. And we make mention of the fact that the stress of this fire season goes way beyond the fires themselves. Many of our firefighters who have already faced a grueling season will have to replace all their gear before next year. This means hundreds and hundreds of dollars coming straight out of the pockets of our volunteers themselves. This is one reason for the existence of The Big Chili – to offset costs of equipment and gear for our firefighters. As you consider your charitable giving for the year, please consider The Big Chili Cook-Off. Your involvement with us puts funding right into the hands of our mountain area fire departments and firefighters.

Music in the Lakehouse

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The Big Chili Cook-Off Art & Music Festival is, in great part, about the music. We will have fantastic bands playing on the stage all day, lending to the festive air. But if you’re in the mood for something a little more low key, be sure to stop into the Lakehouse during the day. This is where our artists will be, with coffeehouse-type music, a wine bistro, and silent auction items to bid on.    Come in, sit and relax, and enjoy the “Art” part of our festival.

volunteer firefighters in Colorado

If you’re wondering who provides all the excellent music for our event, it’s our own Cactus Jack’s Saloon. Check out a fantastic write-up about Cactus Jack’s here in Paste Magazine – Signs of Life in Music, Film & Culture. They are number eight on Paste’s list of Twelve Restaurants with Musical Ties, the noted restaurants being from both Canada and the U.S. We couldn’t be more excited for Cactus Jack’s!! Not only are they making a splash nationally, they are also committed to giving back to the mountain community we all call home. You can check out their menu and calendar here to pick a night when you can enjoy great food and live music, right in the heart of Evergreen.

Mountain Firefighter Challenge

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Gates open at 10:30 A.M. for the 11th annual Big Chili Cook-Off, Music & Arts Festival. This great event is being held at The Evergreen Lakehouse on September 9, 2012. Check The Big Chili website here for ticketing information.

volunteer firefighters in ColoradoThis is a fantastic community happening, and you really won’t want to miss anything. Two of our favorite events are The Mountain Firefighter Challenge and The Children’s Firefighter Challenge. Embrace the fun of competition as we all stand on the sidelines cheering for our favorite firefighter as they don all their gear and demonstrate their skills. Or watch as your little future firefighter dresses up in his or her gear and competes just like the “big guys.” volunteer firefighters in Colorado

Mark you calendars if you want to see these events – they will be happening earlier in the day than they have in the past, and you don’t want to miss a thing!