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NAPA & Evergreen Nat’l Bank – Thank You!

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volunteer firefighters in ColoradoRob Walker, the owner of NAPA Auto Parts in Evergreen, understands the need for mountain area firefighters, and the commitment and courage of our volunteers. And he knows that it takes community involvement to keep our six mountain fire departments thriving.

He also *knows* auto parts. Not only does Rob know his product, but he and the folks at NAPA Auto Parts in Evergreen know what ‘good service’ means. They are well-informed and happy to help you find what you’re looking for, whether it is a product like bearings or a flywheel; or that specialty part you need to finish fixing up your American muscle car.

volunteer firefighters in ColoradoWhen a community bank partners with its customers to establish long-lasting banking relationships, and backs that commitment with the best service and technology in the banking industry, the result is Evergreen National Bank.

Now Celebrating 29 years at its Main Street location, there are also full service branches in Georgetown, Idaho Springs and Bergen Park. Their service will make you smile. Their commitment will make you stay.

The Big Chili is extremely appreciative of our local business sponsors like NAPA Auto Parts and Evergreen Nat’l Bank. Their commitment to the community and to funding our mountain area fire departments is stellar. Thank You!



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I think we can all imagine the sacrifice made by our volunteer firefighters. When there is an emergency, they’re not sitting at the firehouse waiting for the call. They’re at work, doing their paying job, and many of them have put in a full day before they ever don their fire gear and head out to a blaze.

volunteer firefighters in Colorado

Our local businesses sacrifice too, in a different way. They choose to sacrifice financially in order to enable the firefighters to do their job well. They do this by sponsoring The Big Chili Cook-Off which provides thousands of dollars annually in funding to our mountain area fire departments.

Thank you Incognito Solutions, for sponsoring our website which one can check out here. And thanks to US Bank and 8Z Real Estate which have both already come on board as repeat sponsors for our 2012 Cook-Off. We appreciate our sponsors and volunteers more than we can say!!

Thanks to the Banks

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Thank you to the many banks which sent volunteers and were cash sponsors for The Big Chili Cook-Off! We appreciate you.

Chase Bank of Evergreen

Mutual of Omaha Bank

1st Bank

US Bank

Evergreen National Bank

Bank of the West

Who’s Making It Happen?

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Sometimes people think if they can’t give the “big bucks” to an organization they believe in, then their gift really won’t have an impact. So what do they do? They don’t give.

But here in the Evergreen area, we do things a little bit differently. Here we understand that it’s all about community; it’s all about pulling together to make something big happen. This is why the smaller sponsors of The Big Chili are so important to us. They pull together and help make this event happen in support of our mountain area volunteer fire departments. To put it simply, The Big Chili Cook-Off  just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Thanks to our smaller sponsors.

Kittredge Auto Rebuilders  
Catamount Constructors
Morse Evergreen Autobody
EV Studios
8z Real Estate
Chase Bank Evergreen
CAM Colorado
Cactus Jack's

Leaving the Station

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Last night when we gathered to thank the sponsors of the 2010 Big Chili Cook-off, and to honor, because we do it every chance we get, the volunteer firefighters who serve the mountain community, I realized in the meeting and the mingling that I was surrounded by greatness – greatness in the little things.  For in that room, which was the beautiful lounge in Bergen Park Fire Station, amongst the stunning flower arrangements from Holly Berry and the delicious food from Specialty Catering, and the inspiring music by Jeff Scarborough, while the candles flickered and the conversation grew, I saw a puzzle coming together.  Many pieces all directed toward the same purpose, so that in the end, when each piece was in place a Master Piece would result.  The Blue Spruce Kiwanis took on the effort of the Big Chili Cook-off several years ago, because they believed in the good that it did, after all, it raises funds for six area volunteer fire departments and you really can’t do better than that.  As time has passed this group of believers from Blue Spruce Kiwanis have grown to be true zealots, and their energy is infectious, spilling over onto the people around them, pushing the puzzle to grow larger and more productive.  There are many pieces still open in the puzzle, perhaps the one meant to be filled by one of you.  It is a fast train, bound for greatness, and we invite all who have that unquenchable spirit of giving to the community to climb aboard!

FirstBank Evergreen Stepping up to the Chili Bowl

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The Big Chili Cook-off Music and Arts Festival is going for bigger, better, let’s blow the doors off this year, and FirstBank Evergreen has climbed on for the ride.  They were a big sponsor last year and they have signed on again, planning to join us on the day of the event to try their hand at chili making.  The Big Chili is thrilled to put our names on the same marquis as FirstBank.  They are a bank that has embedded themselves in the mountain community, offering their support to a wide variety of organizations, doing their part to keep it all moving.  It is a matter of heroes honoring heroes, when FirstBank buys in to support our Volunteer Firefighters.  As the saying goes, it takes one to know one!

Asphalt Artistry Paves the Way!

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At the Big Chili we are proud of every one of our sponsors, but never more than when one of our Board Members steps forward and doubles his sponsorship from last year.  Asphalt Artistry will once again be supporting our Volunteer Firefighters with a cash donation, but owners Shane and Theresa Cook aren’t stopping there.  Theresa will be assisting in our artist area and Shane will be helping with the chili cooks, recruiting and signing up businesses for the $100 Chili Cook Sponsorships.  Asphalt Artistry has figured out the most important part about doing business in the mountain communities.  The contribution you make to the overall good of the people who live here has a lot to do with the success of the business you own.  It takes more than good prices and great service to earn the trust and loyalty of local residents.  It takes giving back in ways that are not always measurable in the immediate.  It takes buying in to the whole small town scene, where relationships are every bit as important as the cash in your pocket, and sometimes more.  We salute you Asphalt Artistry for the many years you have served this community with reliability and integrity and for your generous sponsorship of our firefighting and rescue services!