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A Little Competition

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Leads Group 3 The Lunch Bunch has volunteered for years at The Big Chili Cook-Off.









This year, they ran the East beer truck.

WEB/Early Addition Leads Group ran the West beer truck.







Well, with all the chili being tasted that day, beer was pretty popular.







Let’s just say, a little competition ensued between the East truck and the West truck.

The West truck “won” by three kegs, and completely ran out of beer. That translates to money for our volunteer fire departments. Clearly, a little friendly competition is good for everybody!


The Beer Garden

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The Big Chili Cook-Off is very excited to have Idaho Springs’ Tommyknocker Brewery sponsoring the Beer Garden at our event. Be sure to stop by for one of their flavorful signature beers.

Tommyknocker is also a chili cook in our restaurant category, vying for the People’s Choice award. In addition to chili, their vendor booth will have some scrumptious goodies available for purchase, like the Chicken Waffle Sandwich (you have to taste it to believe it!), wings, and other munchies.

Remember – the event is September 11th, and you can get more information here.

Thank you Tommyknocker for supporting our local fire departments and firefighters!

Tommyknocker Brewery

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Located in the Colorado Mountains in the cozy historic mining town of Idaho Springs, Tommyknocker Brewery has been creating quality, award winning lagers and ales since 1994. Tommyknocker also makes handcrafted sodas including root beer, almond creme, strawberry creme, and orange creme. If you come in and sit by the fire, you can still feel the presence of the miners and see how the town looked during the mining days of the 1890’s. You may even see a tommyknocker, a mythical elf-like creature the miners brought with them from England.

We are thrilled that Tommyknocker will be sponsoring our Beer Garden at The Big Chili Cook-Off on September 11th. Their brewmaster makes some of the finest beer in Colorado – twenty barrels at a time. They will also be a food vendor at the Cook-Off, as well as making chili. Is your mouth watering yet?

Thank you Tommyknocker Brewery!

Pour Me a Cold One

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In planning the Big Chili Cook-off, there are a million decisions to be made and a pile of deals to negotiate, always looking for the best price, so that we can end up, when the event is over, with the most money for our firefighters.  There is one decision that is relatively easy, in that the public insists that we stay with the tried and true, and that is in the area of liquid refreshment.  The beer, in other words, is a huge part of the day and Tommyknocker brews, with a side of Coors seems to be the drink of choice.  It is interesting where people put their loyalties, and the kind of beer they drink is no exception.  Attendees and chili cooks, as well as our firefighters want Tommyknocker Brewery from Idaho Springs on tap, partly because it is local and they have been part of the event for years, but equally as important is the quality of the brew, which everyone seems to agree makes Tommyknocker the hands down favorite.  Coors Brewery is the distributor for Tommyknocker, and their efficiency in getting the truck there, fully supplied was a huge help at last year’s event.  We also threw on a tap of Coors Light for good measure and it sold like crazy.  The contribution the beer suppliers make to the event is a large part of the cash that goes into the checks for our Volunteer Fire Departments when the event is over.  Imagine supporting your local Volunteer Firefighters by enjoying a glass of your favorite brew.  America is a wonderful place!