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When the first American organized volunteer fire department was established in Philadelphia in 1736 it was made up of prominent business men and civic leaders, and at its helm was someone you might have heard of – Benjamin Franklin. He started the Union Fire Company, an all volunteer regiment, as a service to the community and it soon became the duty and privilege of the local male citizenry to participate in its efforts. Fire was the premier enemy of townships and cities in 1736 and Franklin’s foresight started a trend that has lasted literally for centuries. The mountain community volunteer firefighters remind me of what I imagine the early Philadelphia days to be. In many cities firefighting has become the responsibility of people who simply need a job. It’s not that their commitment or contribution is any less, but there is something about people who leave their work, or their businesses or their beds at night to fight a fire – without a paycheck  – that borders on noble. The fact that many of our most prominent citizens have been a part of this effort means even more. A society can be judged by what it gives without thought of remuneration, without counting the cost. The selfless energies of the mountain area volunteer firefighters speak well of who we are and how we live. I have to think that Ben would be proud of what he created and all that it is today. What started out as an exercise in human dignity and sense of community, hasn’t changed and hopefully never will.


Making it Happen

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Thank you to a couple of sponsors – St. Anthony EMS and Bentek Energy – we loved having your involvement this year and appreciate your support of our local fire departments!

Thank you to Tommyknocker Brewery for your huge involvement and sponsorship. Tommyknocker cooked chili, had a vendor booth, and hosted our beer garden – all crowd pleasers!

Thanks, everyone.

In Our Own Backyard

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Take a look

at some of the great items and servicesMelissa's Art Glass

our vendors brought

to The Big Chili Cook-Off!


Fabulous stuff!!

Blue Spruce Kiwanis

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Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world one child and one community at a time. Everything Blue Spruce Kiwanis does is for this community – they volunteer here in a variety of organizations, and they are committed to the youth and schools of our mountain community. It is because of Blue Spruce Kiwanis consistency in volunteering throughout the community that so many people were willing to give back by volunteering for one of their biggest events ~ The Big Chili Cook-Off. 


Thank you Blue Spruce Kiwanis! And thank you to all the students from the local schools who volunteered at the event. You are a truly great group of kids!

The Beer Garden

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The Big Chili Cook-Off is very excited to have Idaho Springs’ Tommyknocker Brewery sponsoring the Beer Garden at our event. Be sure to stop by for one of their flavorful signature beers.

Tommyknocker is also a chili cook in our restaurant category, vying for the People’s Choice award. In addition to chili, their vendor booth will have some scrumptious goodies available for purchase, like the Chicken Waffle Sandwich (you have to taste it to believe it!), wings, and other munchies.

Remember – the event is September 11th, and you can get more information here.

Thank you Tommyknocker for supporting our local fire departments and firefighters!

American Bucks

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There are many symbols on the U.S. one dollar bill, some which we know the meaning of, and others that we guess at. The one dollar bill first came off the presses in 1957 in its present design. According to the U.S. Treasury Department, that is when the motto, “In God We Trust” started being used on paper money. It was in use on coins long before that. If you look on the front of the bill, you will see the United States Treasury Seal. The U.S. Treasury Department indicates that the balancing scales represent justice. In the center is a chevron with 13 stars representing the 13 original colonies. Underneath is a key that is intended to represent a symbol of authority.

If you turn the bill over, you will see two circles. The two circles reflect the two sides of the Great Seal of the United States. Before the adjournment of the Continental Congress on July 4th, 1776, the first of three committees was appointed to develop a seal for the United States. The committee was Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson, three of the five men who had drafted the Declaration of Independence. It took six years, the work of two additional committees and a total of 14 men before a final version of the Great Seal was approved. 

The left-hand circle has an unfinished pyramid. The pyramid represents strength and duration and its unfinished state may signigy that our country would continue to grow and develop. Above the pyramid is the all-seeing eye, and the Latin words Annuit Coeptis, meaning “God has favored our undertaking.” The eye reflects divine providence and was suggested by the first committee. Benjamin Franklin believed that one man couldn’t do anything great alone, but a group of men with the help of God could co anything. The Latin below the pyramid, Novus Ordo Seclorum means “a new world order.” At the base of the pyramid is the Roman numeral for 1776.

The right-hand circle, with only slight modifications, is the same as the Seal of the President of the United States. The bald eagle is uniquely American, and in its beak is a banner reading E Pluribus Unum, meaning, “one nation from many people.” The olive branch and arrows in the eagle’t talons represent the power and peace of war. 

All throughout the dollar bill are symbols representing the thirteen original colonies since at the time our nation was coming together as one. Above the eagle are thirteen starts, and the shield in front of the eagle has thirteen bars. There are thirteen leaves on the olive branch, thirteen arrows, thirteen stars in the chevron, and thirteen steps on the pyramid. You can (and probably should) be reminded of the history of our country every time you look at a one dollar bill.


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“The funny thing about firemen, night and day, they are always firemen.” Gregory Widen, Backdraft