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Be In The *Know*

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volunteer firefighters in Colorado

The 11th annual Big Chili Cook-Off Music and Arts Festival will open its gates at 10:30 A.M. on September 9, 2012. You can check The Big Chili here for ticketing information and parking information. There will be more shuttles than ever before to make attending the event more convenient for everyone. There will be two beer trucks providing refreshing beverages. And as you read the schedule here, you can see the fantastic musical talent that will be entertaining the crowds. This is something you definitely don’t want to miss!


Main Stage
Open Space
The Bucktones
Wendy Woo
Austin Young and No Difference
Nina Storey

Front Gate Stage
Ryan Flick
No Longer Boys

Lake House Stage
Danny Masters (classical guitar soloist)
Melodic Delights Ensemble (violin & cello)
Two Guitars Telling a Story (jazz guitar duet)


A Day For the Little Ones

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The Big Chili Cook-Off focuses on two things: community and family. With this in mind, one of pivotal cornerstones of the day is our children’s area.

volunteer firefighters in ColoradoBring your little ones for a day of fun and activity. Not only will they enjoy the music and the children’s firefighter challenge, but they will be able to experience the fun in an area created just for them. Your small ones can bounce (and giggle, and smile, and create a little ruckus) in our jumping castles. Then, when they’re ready for a quieter activity, they can enjoy the crafts tent where clever, crafty people will have designed something fun for them to create and take home. There will be jugglers, amazing and fascinating everyone with their mad skills. It will be a day of happy memories for everyone.

We’re so excited to see your whole family – so mark your calendars now for September 9, 2012.


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When the first American organized volunteer fire department was established in Philadelphia in 1736 it was made up of prominent business men and civic leaders, and at its helm was someone you might have heard of – Benjamin Franklin. He started the Union Fire Company, an all volunteer regiment, as a service to the community and it soon became the duty and privilege of the local male citizenry to participate in its efforts. Fire was the premier enemy of townships and cities in 1736 and Franklin’s foresight started a trend that has lasted literally for centuries. The mountain community volunteer firefighters remind me of what I imagine the early Philadelphia days to be. In many cities firefighting has become the responsibility of people who simply need a job. It’s not that their commitment or contribution is any less, but there is something about people who leave their work, or their businesses or their beds at night to fight a fire – without a paycheck  – that borders on noble. The fact that many of our most prominent citizens have been a part of this effort means even more. A society can be judged by what it gives without thought of remuneration, without counting the cost. The selfless energies of the mountain area volunteer firefighters speak well of who we are and how we live. I have to think that Ben would be proud of what he created and all that it is today. What started out as an exercise in human dignity and sense of community, hasn’t changed and hopefully never will.

Meet Brian Himmelman

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volunteer firefighters in ColoradoBrian Himmelman is more than a State Farm Insurance agent. He has lived in the Evergreen area for over 30 years and understands the community. Having graduated from Evergreen High School, and after finishing his degree at Fort Lewis College in Durango, he returned to his home to build a business. He’s been married to his lovely wife for 21 years and his sons AJ and Tyler are now both attending college themselves.

Brian’s team provides the best solutions for everyday insurance needs and comprehensive financial planning. They proudly serve the communities of Evergreen, Conifer, Bailey, Pine and Fairplay by offering an extensive line of insurance and financial services. Whatever your insurance needs, Brian and his team will offer the information you need to make a solid decision.

In addition to building a solid and successful business, Brian believes in volunteering in the community. He is a member of Conifer Kiwanis, and sits on the Board of Directors for Blue Spruce Kiwanis and Mount Evans Hospice. He’s also embraced his love of baseball by coaching kids’ teams longtime in the Evergreen/Conifer area. Brian is continuing his “give back” mentality by once again sponsoring The Big Chili Cook-Off, giving of himself to support our volunteer firefighters. Thanks, Brian! We love that! You can learn more about what Brian Himmelman has to offer by checking his website here.

Cause & Effect

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A life without cause is a life without effect. ~ Barbarella

volunteer firefighters in Colorado

We love all the people who make our mountain home a great place to live. Thank you to the business owners, volunteers and residents who live here. Evergreen and the surrounding communities wouldn’t be the same without you!

Serve Others ~ Serve Yourself

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“The language of citizenship suggests that self-interests are always embedded in communities of action and that in serving neighbors one also serves oneself.”

Benjamin R. Barber

volunteer firefighters in Colorado

Thank you to the volunteers and sponsors of The Big Chili Cook-Off!


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“The ultimate expression of generosity is not in giving of what you have, but in giving of who you are.” ~ Johnnetta B. Cole

volunteer firefighters in Colorado

Thank you to our many volunteers!! If you are interested in volunteering for The Big Chili Cook-Off this September, check here for more information.