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Thank You

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volunteer firefighters in Colorado

First Responders save lives. Thank you to our fire, police and emergency medical personnel.


Blues n BBQ

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It’s this Sunday! Come down to Olde Town Arvada in support of Habitat for Humanity, and enjoy fantastic music, great barbeque and that small-town feel of community and camaraderie.

volunteer firefighters in Colorado

volunteer firefighters in Colorado

Check the Blues & BBQ Fest website here to learn more about this fantastic event.

Benefitting Habitat for Humanity

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If you’re looking for some fun activities for the family this summer, and you love to contribute to a great cause – come on down to Olde Town Arvada, enjoy great music and food, and lend your support to Habitat for Humanity.

volunteer firefighters in Colorado

volunteer firefighters in Colorado

Check the Blues & BBQ Fest website here to learn more about this fantastic event.

… and More Bands

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We’re getting so excited for The Big Chili Cook-Off Arts and Entertainment Festival coming to Evergreen September 9, 2012! The primary purpose for this fun and fabulous event is to raise funds for our mountain area volunteer fire departments, but it also serves as a great place for the community to come together, eat scrumptious food, see some beautiful work of local artists, and listen to foot-tappin’ music.

The Big Chili will be featuring Open Space as its opening act, with these other great musicians performing throughout the day:

volunteer firefighters in ColoradoYoung Austin an No Difference ~ Austin Lee Young, a Colorado native, has been described by some as being a “phenom” guitar player.  His youth and energy lend to his own style of music which he calls “Texandrix Blues”. If you’ve never heard Austin play, listen to an audio clip of him playing here at the Young Austin website and be amazed.

The Wendy Woo Band ~ As Colorado’s music scene has exploded over the past few years, one of its mainstays has been Wendy Woo. Her energetic personality, musical skills, and spirited songwriting have made her a media and fan favorite and have taken her to venues across the country. The Wendy Woo Band was the winner of KMGH Channel 7’s 2011 A-List. WWB took first place out of a staggering 271 nominees in the BEST LOCAL BAND category! You can check the band’s website here.

volunteer firefighters in Colorado

The Bucktones ~   The Bucktones cover a range of styles from Old Rock to Motown to Blues to Country, and originals. They bring a ton of fun to the party, always in good taste! Check out youtube videos or song lists at the Bucktones website here. Mark your calendars now to hear these homegrown Colorado bands live! volunteer firefighters in Colorado

We Love Our Local Sponsors!

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volunteer firefighters in ColoradoMany of our business sponsors here at The Big Chili Cook-Off have a limited amount of marketing dollars. They need to decide how to best spend those dollars in the community, with the ultimate goal being success of their business.


Here in the Evergreen area we have businesses with heart, and business owners who not only work here, but live in this community and care about it pretty passionately. These businesses have made the decision that their marketing dollars are best spent funding our local volunteer fire departments. And what do they get in return? They get the satisfaction of knowing they’re doing something quite important. And they get our heartfelt thanks.

Thank you Tuscany Tavern. If you haven’t eaten there, you really need to try it. This restaurant brings us a little taste of Italy nestled  here in our beautiful mountains, right at Evergreen Parkway and Squaw Pass Road. You can get a peek at the menu here.

And thanks to EDS Waste Solutionsvolunteer firefighters in Colorado which provides much more than trash removal. EDS offers excellent service and solutions that are not only effective but protect the environment as well. They can meet all your waste removal needs, whether that includes mountain pick-up, city roll-off services or recycling, or regular residential service. For contact information, check the EDS website here.

Remove Slash

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One way to protect your home during fire season is by removing slash, that woody debris that frequently gets caught in the undergrowth on your property. Take some time to collect and bundle this material and put it out with your trash. With this fuel removed, your home becomes more defensible in the case of a wildfire.

As of May 10th, Jefferson County has lifted the fire ban,

but temporary fire restrictions still exist. Check the Sheriff’s website herefor an explanation of allowed activity. We want all of you to stay safe!

volunteer firefighters in Colorado

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Prescribed Burn

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Some of us may wonder, “Why are prescribed burns done on our forests?” Questions like this loom, especially after the Lower North Fork Wildfirewhich erupted from a prescribed burn. The purpose is to prevent destructive wildfires

Fort Lewis prairie and grassland smolders afte...

which can be done by burning under safer conditions with the necessary tools for control. An appropriately “controlled” burn would reduce fuels that feed dangerous fires and assure that the next fire season would not bring destructive, property damaging fire. Prescribed burning is a very precise practice and a complex tool. Fire is applied in a knowledgeable manner to forest fuels on a specific land area under selected weather conditions to accomplish predetermined, well-defined management objectives. Only a certified fire prescriptionist should be allowed to burn. Proper diagnosis and detailed planning is mandatory before every burn. An incomplete assessment of any factor in a plan can lead to serious loss of property and life with serious liability questions to both the landowner and the one responsible for the burn. Here at The Big Chili, we’re not casting judgment on anyone for the prescribed burn done in March. We don’t yet know every detail – it’s possible the wind simply didn’t behave as predicted. Yet even in the wake of such a terrible turn of events it’s important to remember that prescribed burns are necessary. They actually serve to make us safer

as well as keeping the forest healthy.