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Protect Yourself

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volunteer firefighters in ColoradoLosing a home in a fire is absolutely heartbreaking, but when one finds oneself in a position where he/she cannot rebuild, the heartbreak is compounded. With a fierce fire season predicted, it is extremely important to make sure your insurance coverage is sufficient. If you own a home or other property in the area, take the time today to call your insurance agent and review your coverage. It is worth checking into.

Acquaintances of mine were caught in the Lower North Fork Wildfire. They had fifteen minutes to evacuate and lost their home and everything they own. It is only now that they have discovered that their insurance protection is insufficient. They are faced with an extremely difficult choice: they can use the insurance money to pay off their mortgage, holding onto the land, but having nothing left to rebuild. Or they can consider trying to rebuild, but this means taking on additional debt. Or, the worst case scenario – they will lose their land and have to start somewhere else. There is no “good” choice – anything they do will magnify their tragedy.

Make sure you never find yourself in this situation. Take a few moments to connect with your insurance agent. It will be well worth it.


Meet Nancy Staub

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Our State Farm Mountain Agents together are a Premier Sponsor for The Big Chili Cook-Off in September. Our local agents love this community and recognize the importance of supporting our volunteer fire departments. They don’t just do business here – they live here and care deeply about our community.

volunteer firefighters in Colorado
This is one of our local agents, Nancy Staub. Nancy grew up in Newport Beach, CA and attended Newport Harbor High School. She graduated from Orange Coast Jr College, majoring in physical education and psychology, and subsequently received her B.S. degree from San Jose State University in 1972. Returning home to Newport, she taught high school for eight years at her alma mater.

1980 found her in Evergreen, where she promptly fell in love with the area. She went to work for a State Farm agent in town and quickly knew this was something she could do, and do well. So, 25 years ago, she opened her own State Farm agency in Conifer and has been serving the local people and meeting their needs ever since. The mission of her agency is to help people manage the risks of everyday life, recover from the unexpected, and realize their dreams. She is a member of the Conifer Chamber of Commerce and is very involved in her mountain community.

Outside of work, Nancy is a lover of the outdoors who enjoys fly fishing, horseback riding, hiking and swimming. Check Nancy’s website here for more information about what she can do for you.


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I think we can all imagine the sacrifice made by our volunteer firefighters. When there is an emergency, they’re not sitting at the firehouse waiting for the call. They’re at work, doing their paying job, and many of them have put in a full day before they ever don their fire gear and head out to a blaze.

volunteer firefighters in Colorado

Our local businesses sacrifice too, in a different way. They choose to sacrifice financially in order to enable the firefighters to do their job well. They do this by sponsoring The Big Chili Cook-Off which provides thousands of dollars annually in funding to our mountain area fire departments.

Thank you Incognito Solutions, for sponsoring our website which one can check out here. And thanks to US Bank and 8Z Real Estate which have both already come on board as repeat sponsors for our 2012 Cook-Off. We appreciate our sponsors and volunteers more than we can say!!

Thank You Michele Vanags!

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volunteer firefighters in ColoradoOur State Farm Mountain Agents are once again sponsoring The Big Chili Cook-Off in a big way. They are consistent in supporting our community and our volunteer fire departments, and we really appreciate them. But who are these agents? They are people who live here, who call Evergreen and the mountain area their home. They are your neighbors, and we want to take a few moments each week to introduce  you to these great community members.

This is Michele Vanags who hails originally from Indiana, but has lived in Colorado for over fifteen years. She’s been a resident of Evergreen since 2003 and is very active in the local community. Are you wondering about her interesting last name? The uncommon name Vanags is Latvian for ‘hawk.’

Michele earned her B.A. from Indiana University and has worked in the insurance field for twenty-five years. She can certainly help you determine your insurance needs, whatever they are, but has particularly focused in her career on retirement, life insurance and Long Term Care planning.

On a personal level, Michele has been married seventeen years to her husband, Einar Vanags. Together, they have a thirteen-year-old son, Hans, and a ten-year-old daughter, Jade. Their children attend local schools and Michele is active in their respective PTA’s.  The Big Chili  wants to thank Michele for her ongoing support of our Volunteer Firefighters.  We look forward to another great year with State Farm on board.

You can check her website here to learn more about the insurance and financial services Michele is able to provide for you.

Thanks to the Banks

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Thank you to the many banks which sent volunteers and were cash sponsors for The Big Chili Cook-Off! We appreciate you.

Chase Bank of Evergreen

Mutual of Omaha Bank

1st Bank

US Bank

Evergreen National Bank

Bank of the West

State Farm Mountain Agents

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State Farm Mountain Agents was our premier sponsor for The Big Chili Cook-Off this year. Not only did they step up, give back to the community, and support our firefighters ~ they had a fabulous time! State Farm says this was the best organized, most fun and productive event they’ve ever done. They can’t wait until next year. Thanks to Michelle Boley, Brian Himmelman, Chuck Ridings, Nancy Staub, and Michele Vanags. 

Thank You State Farm for coming on board for next year’s event! Our sponsors contribute greatly to the success of The Big Chili, and we cannot express too often how much we appreciate you!

A BIG Thank You!

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Today is a day for saying Thank You to the many smaller sponsors and volunteers that make The Big Chili Cook-Off happen.


Thank You to these businesses for providing the following:


Evergreen Discount Liquors ~ wine

Da Kind Soups ~ judges chili cups

Evergreen Shipping Depot ~ printing & posters

Evergreen Signs ~ signage

Zuni Signs ~ printing & installation of banners

Felde Associates ~ accounting services

Evergreen Rentals ~ jump castles & scaffolding for banners

Incognito Solutions ~ website

Mountain Connections ~ advertising

Hiwain Golf ~ golf passes for the auction

Eric Lars Bakke ~ photography

Tuscany Tavern ~ sponsorship + dinner for firefighters and Board


Thank You to these groups for providing volunteers for the event:


Early Edition Leads Group

Leads Group 3

Web-Women of Evergreen Businesses

Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity

Evergreen, Conifer and Platte Canyon High Schools

Drive Smart

Center for the Arts Evergreen

Blue Spruce Kiwanis

Bank of the West

Mutual of Omaha

Chase Bank Evergreen

and Thank You to the many individuals volunteering independently.