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Fire Chief

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The Big Chili  is pleased that Ed Daniels, author of Fire Chief:  The Story of a Volunteer Firefighter will be at the Cook-Off on September 11th, signing books and sharing his story. Based on actual events as a firefighter west of Golden, “Fire Chief”  takes readers into the heat which countless volunteer firefighters face every day throughout the United States.   Through his novel, people see that those firefighters and EMTs and Paramedics who respond to fires and accidents in rural areas are almost always volunteers. These first responders sacrifice time with their families and their careers to dedicate their lives to the citizens they protect. 

Ed would love to meet you and share his book about firefighters and their families. What if you were the Fire Chief?



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I have no ambition in this world but one, and that is to be a fireman.  The position may, in the eyes of some, appear to be a lowly one; but we who know the work which the fireman has to do believe that his is a noble calling.  Our proudest moment is to save lives.  ~Edward F. Croker – Chief FDNY, 1910

Circle of Giving

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The Big Chili Cook-off Music and Arts Festival raises funds for six mountain area volunteer fire departments – Elk Creek, Evergreen, Indian Hills, Inter Canyon, Platte Canyon, North Fork, and each one of the fire departments we represent is filled with committed individuals who voluntarily defend these mountains against wild fire.  John Porter from Evergreen Fire Rescue serves as assistant to the Deputy Chief and is one of the people who works with the Big Chili Board to see that everything is in place for the day of the cook-off.  John not only came to Board meetings and helped with all the planning, but his company, WillDan Homeland Solutions gave a sizeable donation to last year’s cook-off.  People who believe in something and are willing to put their dollars behind it are why we are able to raise the money we do for our firefighters.  It is interesting and heartening that when we are working to support our volunteer departments, it is one of our Volunteer Firefighters who give to the cause.  Life is a circle of incredible incidents and amazing people.  Thank you John!