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Firefighter Tribute

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We try to keep a balance here at The Big Chili as we spend the year planning this fantastic event. We balance all the fun we plan to have at this exciting community event with the reason for its existence – supporting our local volunteer firefighters. A couple of events we have at the festival are specifically designed to bring our minds back to our core purpose. We will have a firefighter tribute that will honor those who serve us. A bagpiper will play, and the Evergreen Firefighter Color Guard will present the colors.

volunteer firefighters in Colorado

We also have this venue – the Big Chili Blog – to make sure people are made aware of the need to support our volunteer fire departments. We thank our volunteer teams, who make such a huge difference in the community. We thank our local firefighters for their efforts during an already difficult fire season and our national firefighters for coming to Colorado’s assistance. And we make mention of the fact that the stress of this fire season goes way beyond the fires themselves. Many of our firefighters who have already faced a grueling season will have to replace all their gear before next year. This means hundreds and hundreds of dollars coming straight out of the pockets of our volunteers themselves. This is one reason for the existence of The Big Chili – to offset costs of equipment and gear for our firefighters. As you consider your charitable giving for the year, please consider The Big Chili Cook-Off. Your involvement with us puts funding right into the hands of our mountain area fire departments and firefighters.


Mountain Firefighter Challenge

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Gates open at 10:30 A.M. for the 11th annual Big Chili Cook-Off, Music & Arts Festival. This great event is being held at The Evergreen Lakehouse on September 9, 2012. Check The Big Chili website here for ticketing information.

volunteer firefighters in ColoradoThis is a fantastic community happening, and you really won’t want to miss anything. Two of our favorite events are The Mountain Firefighter Challenge and The Children’s Firefighter Challenge. Embrace the fun of competition as we all stand on the sidelines cheering for our favorite firefighter as they don all their gear and demonstrate their skills. Or watch as your little future firefighter dresses up in his or her gear and competes just like the “big guys.” volunteer firefighters in Colorado

Mark you calendars if you want to see these events – they will be happening earlier in the day than they have in the past, and you don’t want to miss a thing!

Mountain Pies

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volunteer firefighters in ColoradoBeau Jo’s Founder, Pete ZaPigh (Za-Pie), an obscure French fur trapper of humble and indeed rather questionable origin, first appeared in the Idaho Springs area at about the time of the Colorado Gold Rush.  How he got here is a matter of continuing speculation, the most popular theory being that of spontaneous generation. A second line of thought maintains that he arrived by cab from Trenton, New Jersey.  Fortunately for the many devotees of Beau Joís Pizza, Pete possessed a somewhat less than working knowledge of natural history, and was attempting to trap a woolly mammoth, an animal for which there was little demand and even less supply.  After several years of fruitless effort, ZaPigh decided that perhaps a new career was in order. At this point he disappeared into an abandoned mine shaft for two years and then emerged triumphant with a new Old World recipe for an Italian delight, which was to reshape  the waistlines of food lovers the world over.  Unfortunately, six months later, ZaPigh was stepped on by what witnesses claimed to be a woolly mammoth.  Unknown to those who reached him first, ZaPigh had managed to carve his secret recipe onto the shell of a local box turtle who went by the handle of Beau Jo.  For the next 75 years, gourmets around the world mourned the loss of the recipe.  History does not mention anyone mourning the loss of ZaPigh, however.

Several years back, a fellow named Chip, while attempting to walk and chew bubble gum at the same time, tripped over the long lived Beau Jo and re-discovered ZaPigh’s recipe.

This is Beau Jo’s official history, and and we’re thrilled to have them on board as a sponsor for this year’s Big Chili Cook-Off on September 9. If you haven’t had a Mountain Pie lately, stop in downtown and see what you’ve been missing. Or if you’re down the hill, check out Beau Jo’s brand new store at 7525 W. 53rd in Arvada.

Words Are Not Enough

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volunteer firefighters in Colorado

photo courtesy ABC News

With the High Park fire still raging, temperatures forecast to hit 100 in Denver today, extremely dry conditions and a potentially scary fire season still looming before us, we want to say:

Thank You Firefighters.

Thank You to those who throw themselves between us and disaster, fighting for our homes and our safety.

Thank You to those in Ft. Collins fighting that monster right now.

Thank You to our local volunteer firefighters who are ready to go at a moment’s notice.

We appreciate you more than words can say.  ~  The Big Chili Cook-Off of Evergreen

Evergreen Rodeo This Weekend

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volunteer firefighters in ColoradoCome on out for the Evergreen Rodeo this Father’s Day weekend and Find Your Inner Cowboy.

(Gates open at noon for a 2pm event each day)

All seating is General Admission

The Rodeo is a rain or shine event


Tickets are available at the following locations

Safeway – Evergreen & Conifer
King Soopers – Evergreen & Conifer
Seasonally Yours – Downtown Evergreen
Evergreen Crafters – Downtown Evergreen

The weekend will begin with the Rodeo Parade starting at Christ the King Church and heading downtown. Bring the family and friends for some old-time fun – horses, floats, bands – and help the judges decide on this year’s Overall Crowd Pleaser. The parade starts at 10:00 with the road through downtown being closed at 9:45, so get there in plenty of time to find the perfect place to watch. Check the Rodeo website here to find the weekend schedule, parade lineup, Royalty contestants and more.

Thanks, Asphalt Artistry!

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volunteer firefighters in ColoradoLiving in the mountains with the potential for huge snows, it’s important to have a well-maintained, easy-to-plow driveway. Does your driveway need repair or replacement? Are you tired of plowing over pits and holes, or do you just long for a beautiful, welcoming drive? Asphalt Artistry Inc. is located in the mountains of the Evergreen/Conifer area. The company’s owner, Shane Cook, has been paving driveways since 1993. Whatever your asphalt needs, Shane and his crew will perform beyond your expectations. It’s Not Just a Driveway… It’s a Work of Art. Asphalt Artistry can meet your needs for new installation, pavement overlay, driveway maintenance, recycling asphalt, and grading.

volunteer firefighters in Colorado

Shane runs a great company, but he also has a sense of community spirit and responsibility. He knows that when everyone comes together, fantastic things can happen. That’s why he’s once again supporting our mountain area volunteer fire departments by sponsoring The Big Chili Cook-Off in September. All of our volunteers and sponsors mean so much to us! Thank you Shane Cook and Asphalt Artistry!!

NAPA & Evergreen Nat’l Bank – Thank You!

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volunteer firefighters in ColoradoRob Walker, the owner of NAPA Auto Parts in Evergreen, understands the need for mountain area firefighters, and the commitment and courage of our volunteers. And he knows that it takes community involvement to keep our six mountain fire departments thriving.

He also *knows* auto parts. Not only does Rob know his product, but he and the folks at NAPA Auto Parts in Evergreen know what ‘good service’ means. They are well-informed and happy to help you find what you’re looking for, whether it is a product like bearings or a flywheel; or that specialty part you need to finish fixing up your American muscle car.

volunteer firefighters in ColoradoWhen a community bank partners with its customers to establish long-lasting banking relationships, and backs that commitment with the best service and technology in the banking industry, the result is Evergreen National Bank.

Now Celebrating 29 years at its Main Street location, there are also full service branches in Georgetown, Idaho Springs and Bergen Park. Their service will make you smile. Their commitment will make you stay.

The Big Chili is extremely appreciative of our local business sponsors like NAPA Auto Parts and Evergreen Nat’l Bank. Their commitment to the community and to funding our mountain area fire departments is stellar. Thank You!