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Thank You

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volunteer firefighters in Colorado

First Responders save lives. Thank you to our fire, police and emergency medical personnel.


Firefighter Tribute

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We try to keep a balance here at The Big Chili as we spend the year planning this fantastic event. We balance all the fun we plan to have at this exciting community event with the reason for its existence – supporting our local volunteer firefighters. A couple of events we have at the festival are specifically designed to bring our minds back to our core purpose. We will have a firefighter tribute that will honor those who serve us. A bagpiper will play, and the Evergreen Firefighter Color Guard will present the colors.

volunteer firefighters in Colorado

We also have this venue – the Big Chili Blog – to make sure people are made aware of the need to support our volunteer fire departments. We thank our volunteer teams, who make such a huge difference in the community. We thank our local firefighters for their efforts during an already difficult fire season and our national firefighters for coming to Colorado’s assistance. And we make mention of the fact that the stress of this fire season goes way beyond the fires themselves. Many of our firefighters who have already faced a grueling season will have to replace all their gear before next year. This means hundreds and hundreds of dollars coming straight out of the pockets of our volunteers themselves. This is one reason for the existence of The Big Chili – to offset costs of equipment and gear for our firefighters. As you consider your charitable giving for the year, please consider The Big Chili Cook-Off. Your involvement with us puts funding right into the hands of our mountain area fire departments and firefighters.

Fire or No Fire?

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volunteer firefighters in ColoradoIn spite of the rain, temporary fire restrictions are still in effect, and many counties still have a fire ban. This means an outdoor fire must be built in a permanently constructed fire grate, and any outdoor smoking must be done in a developed recreation site, or while stopped in an area of at least three feet diameter that is barren or cleared of all combustible material. However, there are exemptions to these restrictions. For instance, you are exempt if you obtain a fire permit or you are a Law Enforcement or Fire Officer acting in the performance of an official duty. There are other exemptions outlined by the Jefferson County Sheriff. Do you know what they are?

  • Any fires contained within liquid fueled or gas fueled stoves, lanterns or heating devices.
  • Charcoal grill fires at private residences or within a permanently constructed grate in a developed park, campground, or picnic area.
  • Campfires or bonfires required in religious ceremonies and for which a valid written permit has been granted in advance by the local Fire Department or District.
  • Permissible fireworks, provided that all combustible material is adequately cleared above and around the fireworks being used.

Check your local county sheriff’s office or website for detailed fire restrictions. The restrictions exist to keep our community safe. Please be aware of the fire danger and take adequate precautions. Thank you!

Safety First

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volunteer firefighters in ColoradoAs summer approaches, the mountain community enters “rescue season.” As the number of people taking advantage of our beautiful outdoors increases, accidents inevitably happen, even occasionally to those who are experienced and well-prepared. In these instances, our search and rescue teams are called upon to do what they do best – find those who are lost and help those who are hurt. If you plan on spending time enjoying our great mountains this season, there are some simple things you can do to increase your own chance of survival if the unexpected happens.

1. Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged and take it with you.

2. Invest in a hand-held GPS for hiking.

3. Carry a basic first-aid kit.

4. Never venture out alone.

5. Always let a third party know where you’re going and when you plan on returning.

Have fun out there enjoying  the great recreation sites available to us in the Rocky Mountains. But please, always be safe.


Remove Slash

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One way to protect your home during fire season is by removing slash, that woody debris that frequently gets caught in the undergrowth on your property. Take some time to collect and bundle this material and put it out with your trash. With this fuel removed, your home becomes more defensible in the case of a wildfire.

As of May 10th, Jefferson County has lifted the fire ban,

but temporary fire restrictions still exist. Check the Sheriff’s website herefor an explanation of allowed activity. We want all of you to stay safe!

volunteer firefighters in Colorado

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Prescribed Burn

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Some of us may wonder, “Why are prescribed burns done on our forests?” Questions like this loom, especially after the Lower North Fork Wildfirewhich erupted from a prescribed burn. The purpose is to prevent destructive wildfires

Fort Lewis prairie and grassland smolders afte...

which can be done by burning under safer conditions with the necessary tools for control. An appropriately “controlled” burn would reduce fuels that feed dangerous fires and assure that the next fire season would not bring destructive, property damaging fire. Prescribed burning is a very precise practice and a complex tool. Fire is applied in a knowledgeable manner to forest fuels on a specific land area under selected weather conditions to accomplish predetermined, well-defined management objectives. Only a certified fire prescriptionist should be allowed to burn. Proper diagnosis and detailed planning is mandatory before every burn. An incomplete assessment of any factor in a plan can lead to serious loss of property and life with serious liability questions to both the landowner and the one responsible for the burn. Here at The Big Chili, we’re not casting judgment on anyone for the prescribed burn done in March. We don’t yet know every detail – it’s possible the wind simply didn’t behave as predicted. Yet even in the wake of such a terrible turn of events it’s important to remember that prescribed burns are necessary. They actually serve to make us safer

as well as keeping the forest healthy.


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volunteer firefighters in ColoradoWe are so thankful for the rain today. However, with a bad fire season and drought predicted for the summer, we need to be vigilant when protecting ourselves from fire. These are some things to avoid:

  • Anything which produces an open flame or has the potential to create an uncontrolled fire.
  • Building, maintaining, attending, or using any fire to burn trash, debris, fence rows or vegetation, or any campfire or warming fire.

We all know an open fire can suddenly and unexpectedly get out of control. However, sparks are something we may not always be on guard for, although we know their deadly potential. Periodically check your vehicle to make sure nothing is dragging along the road, throwing those dangerous sparks. If you hook up a trailer, make sure your chains are secure. If we each do our part, we can all be safer this fire season. Check the Jefferson County Sheriff website here to see the published fire ban.