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What Does Community Mean?

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volulnteer firefighters in ColoradoDuring the Lower North Fork Wildfire, we had firefighters from other states and fire districts come to our assistance. But it wasn’t the “same old same old” here in our mountain community. Our local businesses know what it means to offer a helping hand. Not only did local hotels offer rooms for families which had been displaced, but five restaurants came together and provided 750 meals for the firefighters. Local business people stepped up to serve those who were in the trenches.

One firefighter from Utah said he had never been treated with such kindness and gratitude anywhere else. All we can say is – that’s what the word “community” means to us. It means we’re all in this together. It’s why we call these mountains … home.


Bye-Bye Brush Fires

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A Brush Truck is a combination of an all terrain vehicle, mini-pumper, and a wilderness rescue vehicle, often used to fight wildfires. This truck is ideal for off-road firefighting or anywhere where rough terrain or small spaces may hinder a larger truck.

Typically, an example of a brush truck would be a heavy duty pickup truck outfitted with a 200+ gallon tank, Indian tanks, chainsaws, picks, fire rakes, and stretchers for rescue operations. Most trucks would have a front mounted secondary pump that can feed its primary outlets, or can provide boost power to supplement a high drawing engine. The role of a Brush truck is simply this: get in where the main apparatus cannot go, such as narrow roads, fields, or mountainous terrain. 

The role of the brush truck has changed over the past few years. As its name indicates, these trucks are used to fight brush fires, but many brush trucks are now used as first responders, because of their ease of maneuverability and operation. They are a critical piece of equipment for a mountain area fire department, and thankfully our local departments have small, heavy-duty trucks like these. The Big Chili Cook-Off is dedicated to raising funds for our volunteer fire departments, to ensure that they are able to purchase and maintain crucial equipment like brush trucks, thereby keeping our mountain communities safe and secure.


Wild Fire

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There are fires today in the mountains, in Evergreen, Golden, Soda Creek and Conifer.  Our prayers are for the safety of all those in the path of the fire, as well those fighting to quell the flames.  Be safe and know that you are at the front of our thoughts.